A Graphic piece I Designed for Opera Ultralounge, a classy nightclub that is changing the game! The model here is Marney Blunt in our Adan Ballou New York Campaign.  She’s comin to take over NYC!! Come check out the event, and stay tuned for Adan Ballou New York spreads… COMING SOON!!

I created this spread based on the pure and sweet excitement in something that most people forget about!… Innocence!! Sweet Delilah takes the things that might mean so little to the average person,  and finds greatness in them, and she doesn’t even try! To be free is a feeling to her that is like no other!!

I wanted to express that feeling throughout this spread.  Imagine being so confined in life and accustomed to a life where you are supposed to do what you are supposed to do everyday.  Now imagine doing that your whole life, and then one day deciding it’s enough!! You hop in your 1970 Chevelle SS, walk out of that shitty diner you’ve worked in for 3 years and set out on a new journey!! Ready for The Long Road Ahead.. Everything from that point on would be so exciting… Something as little as running through someone else’s Corn Field!! Oooooh…. Rebel!! ;) Most of us would think doing that is nothing.. But to her, it could be looked at as Wrong by the life she was brought up in.. Thus adrenaline has been created by 1 simple “Sweet Delilah” trait… Innocence.. ;) Mr. Wild.. 



On Set for the WILD UNDERGROUND! #adanballou #attitude #gagabag #fashion #fashionvonwild  (Taken with instagram)

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

- Coco Chanel

One of our haute cuir Bags!! It’s The $1000.00 Box That Bleeds, just like Lady Gaga’s aside from hers is Black!  This bag here is actually featured in our upcoming Los Angeles & Vegas campaign featuring model Holly Brooke!! If you see a chick with this bag…. Just Fuck Off!… I warned you ;)
On set for LA & Vegas Campaing for Adan Ballou! Model Holly KILLED it, to end the hig production shoot with a Bang!! Stay tuned for the ENTIRE spread coming to Billboards, and Magazines near you! ;)