A Graphic piece I Designed for Opera Ultralounge, a classy nightclub that is changing the game! The model here is Marney Blunt in our Adan Ballou New York Campaign.  She’s comin to take over NYC!! Come check out the event, and stay tuned for Adan Ballou New York spreads… COMING SOON!!
One of our haute cuir Bags!! It’s The $1000.00 Box That Bleeds, just like Lady Gaga’s aside from hers is Black!  This bag here is actually featured in our upcoming Los Angeles & Vegas campaign featuring model Holly Brooke!! If you see a chick with this bag…. Just Fuck Off!… I warned you ;)

Do what you LOVE to do!

Have you ever been told your Dreams are too far fetched, or that you need to wake up and just do what you NEED to do as opposed to doing what you LOVE to do?…  I’ve been told this thing my whole life… The difference between me and those people who say that to me, is that i go to bed every single night with a Smile on my face and excitement for the day to come!… Sure, i don’t make a ton of money right now, but i’ll tell ya one thing fo the most part, I’m happy!!

I dream every day of Fashion, Creating, Tattoos, Photoshoots, Magazines, Films, Runway shows and more, and by the time i hit the bed i am laying there wondering and thinking of how i can make that next “Dream” happen.  How i can create something that i Love, and be able to include other people dreams into this as well!  You would be surprised at what you can accomplish if you just DO IT!!  Now i’m not perfect, and i don’t know everything in the world (although sometimes i like to think i do) but i don’t need to be, because this is all for the love of it!

I’m going to Challenge you right now!… Think of something that you’ve always wanted to do, that you’ve never done before in your entire life… Whether it’s Model so hard that your heels are walking for you, or getting in that plane just to jump out of it from 30,000 feet. Tomorrow i want you to start making that Dream a Reality!  I promise if you start tomorrow that you’ll have succeeded very very soon!  Now go…. DO IT!! <3 

Mr. Wild

On set for LA &amp; Vegas Campaing for Adan Ballou! Model Holly KILLED it, to end the hig production shoot with a Bang!! Stay tuned for the ENTIRE spread coming to Billboards, and Magazines near you! ;)